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Humanize your events with Airmeet !

Imagine the most human online event… it exists and it’s powered by Airmeet! You enter the event and you meet other random attendees, you grab a seat and you start to get to know each other around a table…; then the live starts and you can react with emojis and raise your hand to share the stage with the speakers!!!


Improve your user experience !

MINKE was in charge of a project of transforming and digitalizing Solvays laboratories in order to make them the best labs in the world. Paris, FRANCE


With fifty high level lab people, Minke used a user centric approach to collect pains and gains, get a huge inspiration on new technologies thanks to a collective benchmark, used journey maps, brainstormed with specific methodologies that lead to 8 concrete and new projects.


An electronic vote awarded 3 of these projects. Each of these 3 projects received the approval of the high management and a specific budget.


Gauge your event !

Minke was invited to facilitate ideation sessions during STEREOPSIA, an international event dedicated to XR (extended reality). How to  create an efficient working community of just met experts in Virtual and Augmented Reality from different countries and help them to find « golden nuggets »?


We created a game to help attendees get to know each other during the coffee break.

We used the CK theory to push the concepts beyond common ideas.

We use visual canvases to summarize and pitch the projects very easily.


2 facilitators
4 ideations sessions (health, manufacturing, education and entertainment)
50 participants
2.500Minke-Euros invested
16 projects
16 posters
4 happy European project officers and organizing team
1 video


Create your dreamteam !

For a quickly growing startup passing to 6 people to 23 in one year, Minke’s expertise was asked to rework the company values, to enable a good collaboration and to create a team spirit.


Minke invented a visual game to help colleagues to get to know each other.

With inspiring examples, the team members had to share their values and to decide which one was the best for their young company thanks to an exchange game. Finally, they had to found examples of behaviors in work situations related to these new values 


A team who knows all the skills and personal objectives of his members.

First whole team collaboration and success.
A set of shared values and work behaviors expected.

Bonus: thanks to the little icebreaker game, the RH received all the ideas people had for their career development.

A few things we’re great at


Thanks to facilitation, we enable the organization’s teams, groups, workshops and meetings to be much more productive. The collaborative spaces we create allow the participants to identify and solve problems, plan together, make collaborative decisions, resolve conflicts… Moreover, it builds a sense of empowerment, a deepening of personal commitment and loyalty to the organization.


Our world is so complex, even our so well elaborate brain have to create models to be able to deal with reality… These models are experience, knowledge, stereotypes… sometimes, we have to learn to change our point of view to  to see another more accurate picture and moreover innovate! 
That’s why we use perception games and a lot of visualizations: visual diagnosis, visual canvas, visual facilitation, sketchnote, graphic recording


We have a very concrete approach of our interventions. Each of them must deliver a tangible (Make): from the first meeting to the final workshops. Therefore, our teams are composed with skilled facilitators and talented millennials makers: it helps a lot to produce « quick and dirty » visualizations, websites, leaflet, mockups, app…


We are passoniate about what we do. The whole team like to invest hours in reading, selftraining…
And we love to share our knowledge and experience with other passionate people like you.
We have already trained hundreds of motivated people and our evaluations are truly… check out our reviews here below! 


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

J’ai suivi la formation de Facilitation visuelle de Benoît. Trois jours seulement de formation, mais j’ai eu l’impression d’apprendre plus que durant mon master en communication. Il va à l’essentiel. Sa manière de donner cours est vraiment stimulante. Il maitrise parfaitement non seulement la facilitation graphique mais aussi un tas de techniques de gestion de réunion innovantes. Il m’a montré, par la pratique d’un vrai brainstorming, comment une entreprise ou une organisation peut gagner en innovation et en créativité en un minimum de temps… et avec une parfaite dynamique d’équipe. Pour moi, toute réunion (ou formation) aura un avant et un après Minke.

Vincent Riff


« Really focused on delivering great value for me » is what comes to mind when thinking of Mahdia.
I had the pleasure of working with Mahdia both at Solvay to re-imagine employee journeys in the new headquarters and at Polybius for team workshops. In both setting (a +/- 150 year old company or a +/- 150 days old company), she excelled at understanding the needs, creating a tailored solution to reach the goals and delivered structured and creative outputs we could act on. It’s never your standard 2 by 2 matrix or 240 page ppt full of boilerplate recommendation you have on idea how to act on.
Bottom line is : she will be a great partner should you need to « hack » anything! And who doesn’t?!

Mathieu Hardy

Chief product officer at Polybius

Coming soon…


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