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Think & Make

This is one of the things we do best

Imagine a forum with people coming from all around Europe and further, an insightful organizing team that wants to start building a community where people could work together, creating futuristic projects in just under 2 hours. All the while being observed by European project officers.

Sounds Impossible to you?
Many people were very skeptical at the beginning. But at the end of the day, many of them presented themselves as team members of newly created startups proud to present their awesome project. We’ve even noticed smiling faces, laughs and we’ve received plenty of gratitude testimonies. The second session was overcrowded by enthusiastic people

How was that possible?
With a structured and tailored facilitation framework, of course 😉

People received a small game to easily start meaningful conversations during the coffee break. They, later, presented themselves and their dream project summarized in one sentence. After having invested a certain amount of money in the projects they thought Europe should support, they split into small groups (fostering the group dynamics) and followed a tailor-made canvas designed to help them develop their project and to make them even more innovative.

Then, with a visual summary, based on a model, that they made by themselves, they could easily present their project in only 2 minutes.

What is facilitation then?
In this case, just thinking in advance on how a group can work better in order to achieve  the desired outcomes and then make visual aids to help people stay on track!

The results?
Happy people with great projects. But it’s just the beginning.
Want to try it?