At Minke we believe that each company has the ability to disrupt and hack its own business in a positive sense in order to improve it. How? By learning to change our ways of perceiving reality and ways of working together.

We have developed an innovative way to work together with our clients, leading them faster to unexpected solutions for their business strategy, technologies, and new products and services.


But how? With two simple steps: Think & Make.




At Minke, we know by experience that you need to think different to make different, otherwise you are condemned to always find the same old ideas.

How can we think different?

Just like a hacker who breaks a code, at Minke we enable clients to analyze their business and processes and find a way to play with those rules and procedures, with a view to turning business weaknesses into strengths and obstacles into opportunities.

With our carefully designed method, we question your assumptions of working, your habits, your products or services and other we-always-do-like-that tendencies. In doing so, new channels and spaces for innovation are created, generating fresh ideas with originality.

By changing the way you think, your perception, you can find unexpected and innovative ideas.




Many people, understandably, are not
interested with solely thinking in business because often such
thinking never materialises into anything tangible. That’s why at Minke we prove the contrary by thinking and making.

Our team is composed of facilitators and designers who help you to produce prototypes of the best generated ideas. This tangible object can be a poster, an ad flyer, an infography, a video, an app… This object will help in being a catalyst for legitimitate and sustainable change.


We organize three different types of collective sessions  to help you hack your business and improve it.  In doing so, we deliver new visions, new ways of working, and new results.

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